Brand new tools for legal writing are here!

My Legal Writing™ is a unique set of guides for newer lawyers, law students (including students in internships, externships, clinical experiences, or clerkships), and others who want to improve their legal writing efficiency and quality.

My Legal Writing™: Techniques
 is a FREE app (iPhone or iPad) 
focusing on editing steps you can take to make reading any legal writing faster and easier. Your legal writing will be better for the reader if you implement these techniques. Learn more...

The My Legal Writing™: Memos app shows you how to draft a predictive or objective legal memo and leads you through the memo writing process, offering practical, real-world strategies for getting your work done.  Learn more...



Praise for My Legal Writing™

What's special about My Legal Writing™ Apps?

My Legal Writing apps provide guidance on how to improve your legal writing, including alternatives for organizing, structuring, formatting, and editing.  Each app includes several of these guides to assist you:

 Structural Templates give a step-by-step outline for organizing components and drafting content.

Quality Control Tips show how to improve the quality of your writing project. 

 Ethics Advisories describe the ethical implications of your legal writing.

 Time Savers give tips on how to do your work more efficiently.

 Cross References to commonly used legal research and writing textbooks are provided as a source for more information. 

 E-mail tips describes how to adapt a your writing for e-mail communication. 

 Personalizable and downloadable checklists accompany the instructional content. 

Examples of topics appear through the apps;  downloadable annotated Samples provide full-text examples of legal writing with explanations.

 Notetaking tools allow users to record their thoughts and ideas as well as key content.