My Legal Writing™: Memos Overview

My Legal Writing™: Memos 
is a mobile application that shows you how to draft a predictive or objective legal memorandum, a document that is designed to provide legally trained readers with a legal analysis.  

Memos is designed for newer lawyers, law students (including students in internships, externships, clinical experiences, or clerkships), and others who want to improve their legal memo writing efficiency and quality.  Students and legal professionals outside the U.S. who are interested in gaining a better understanding of legal writing within U.S. legal practice can also benefit from Memos.  Memos guides you through the memo writing process, offering practical, real-world strategies for getting your work done.  It provides instruction, examples, and checklists for researching and writing legal memoranda. 




Using My Legal Writing™: Memos

As a guide for legal writing, Memos can be used as a stand-alone resource or can be used in conjunction with other organizational or case management software while on the job. The four main parts are easily accessible from the Home page:
  • Managing and Researching the Legal Memo Writing Project describes how create a Project Map for the memo and provides strategies for research.
  • Writing the Legal Memo describes how to write a legal memo, giving alternatives for organizing, structuring, formatting, and editing. It addresses each part of the legal memo in detail and gives examples.
  • Research and Writing Checklists provides personalizable checklists to accompany the instructional content.
  • Annotated Sample Memos provides full-text examples of legal memos with explanatory annotations.
In addition, a Glossary of key terms and a list of Cross References to commonly used legal research and writing textbooks are available if you want even more information.  By tapping highlighted terms, you can view them in the Glossary and see their definitions.  The Glossary and the Cross-References can also be accessed from the More tab at the bottom of the screen..