My Legal Writing™: Techniques Overview

My Legal Writing™: Techniques
 is a FREE app (iPhone or iPad) 
focusing on editing steps you can take to make reading any legal writing project faster and easier.  A document edited to assist reader speed and understanding not only improves your reader's progress through the document but can also make your message understood, and, importantly, make the reader want to read your writing. Your legal writing will be better for the reader if you implement these techniques.



Why should I download My Legal Writing™: Techniques?

In many cases, the Four Techniques can be implemented in an hour or less (fifteen minutes for each technique).  And while these are not the only editing techniques one can use, these techniques can significantly improve any document's readability.

My Legal Writing™: Techniques gives clear advice and examples to improve your writing.  A downloadable annotated sample is also available to show how the techniques can improve your writing.